Is This Europe’s Most Sophisticated Fantasy Football Game?

As the European football season draws to a close, I have been looking around for a fantasy football game to play next season and possibly during the coming world cup as well.

I think I might have found the perfect game! have launched a very sophisticated fantasy football game that uses 70 (yes seventy!) data points from top flight games in five European leagues (Enlgand, Spain, France, Italy and Germany). This means that it is now possible to play a squad that has been selected from across the best clubs in Europe and not just one country. Superb! I can’t wait to play.

See you in the dug out next season :-)

Football Fans Need To Be Realistic

It will come as very little surprise to hear that Cypriots are football-mad along with virtually every nation in the world. Needless to say, the national team of Cyprus isn’t exactly the world’s strongest outfit, and there simply isn’t the revenue in the country to support and fund major league teams as is the case in Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK. For this reason, the gulf between Cypriot teams and the rest looks sure to endure.

In this regard, Cyprus suffers as many other smaller nations do. For example, it is difficult to ever imagine a truly competitive football team coming from Luxembourg, Malta or Estonia. That is not meant to be negative, just realistic. Most football fans are realistic enough themselves which is why teams such as Manchester United, Barcelona, Chelsea, Juventus and a few noteable others are able to maintain such large foreign fan bases.

This, of course, helps to provide the television and kit sales incomes that these big clubs need to survive at their level. As is so often the way in life, the winners take all of the good stuff.