Powerful Policy

For sunny countries like Cyprus, power generation is changing. As the technology moves onwards for solar panels – and it is moving quickly – the opportunity for energy independence for small countries is becoming more possible. Oil dependency might be a thing of the past in perhaps forty or fifty years time.

Despite this, national electricity grids are not really designed for the entire country. In every nation – apart perhaps from Monaco – there are parts of the country that are simply harder to reach. This geographic isolation makes it more expensive to put basic utilities such as electricity, waste water services and the internet in place. This means that many of the things that we now view as “basic rights” in developed countries are lacking in more rural areas. The more advanced things that these basics enable (for example, not the internet but watching videos on the internet) are perhaps not vital, but very helpful for many people.

For this reason countryside energy policy is something that is gaining more importance at EU level. After all, we don’t all live in cities… In time, people living in the countryside will be better represented at the highest levels, but until then, we must hope that these organisations can do all they can for us.